Troubleshooting common problems

Odoo error containing the phrase "Access token not active"

This means that your GoCardless account has become disconnected for some reason. Navigate to General Settings > GoCardless, and click "Reconnect to GoCardless".

"Take Payment" button does not appear above invoice

The most common reason for this is that the customer has not completed GoCardless setup. Navigate to the contact page of the customer in question, select the GoCardless tab and ensure the GoCardless Setup State is "Setup Complete". If the status is already Setup Complete, the quickest fix is to ask the customer to run through the setup process once more by clicking Recreate Mandate.

User gets a 404 response when clicking the link in the setup email (Advanced)

This is usually because your Odoo instance is configured with more than one database, and does not have an appropriate DB filter configured.

Fix (Advanced): In odoo.conf, locate or create the


value appropriately to point to the database you are attempting to use GoCardless with.

We recommend you only attempt this fix if you know what you are doing, as this can break systems with multiple databases if not done properly. Our integration does not currently support multiple databases without a filter configured.

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