Quick Start

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Connect your GoCardless account

Connecting to your GoCardless account

Navigate to the Settings page, and select the General Settings menu item. You will see "GoCardless" is listed in the left-hand menu. Select it.

Select your environment


By default, the connector is configured to operate on the GoCardless Sandbox environment. If you are installing the connector within a training, development, or testing environment, leave this selected to ensure no real money is accidentally taken.


If you are deploying the connector in your production Odoo environment, make sure you select the "Live" environment in order to actually take real money from your invoices.

Connect your GoCardless account

Once you have selected the correct environment for your use case, click the "Connect to GoCardless" button and follow the prompts to connect your account. Please note: Regardless of success or failure, you will be redirected to your default Odoo landing page after the process is finished.

Check that you received an access token

Navigate back to General Settings > GoCardless. If all has gone well, the "Access Token" field will be populated with a long string - this is how the connector identifies you to GoCardless.

Signing up a customer to GoCardless

Navigate to a partner record, and you will notice a new "GoCardless" tab has appeared. Simply click the "Send Invite Email" button, and an email will be sent out with a unique link for your customer to complete the GoCardless setup flow.

Importing existing mandates

If you already have existing customer mandates, these can be imported by going to GoCardless > Mandates and clicking the Import button. This requires two fields: the GoCardless mandate ID (starting MD....) and the customer's email address, which should match a Partner object within Odoo.

Taking payments

Once a partner has completed the GoCardless setup flow as described above, some additional functionality will be enabled on invoices associated with them - the most obvious being the new "Take Payment by GoCardless" button. It does exactly what you think it does - press this button, and a payment request will be sent to GoCardless for the total amount of the invoice. At this time, the GoCardless integration does not support partial invoice payments or custom payment amounts.

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